Owning a home is still a dream for many of us. And during a time when every other day we hear bad news of closed down projects and people who lost money, put us in a dilemma to invest in land and building. Whom should we trust? With whom is our money safe? Can I give my hard earned money to this builder? There are such innumerable questions today that one might come across.

On one hand we find truthful and honest sellers and on the other, we find lots of buyers who have lost their money. It is this bridge of honesty that we are building. We are here to help you with the pros and cons of every project and we put forward only the best. So that, you don’t lose money and also the seller as well.

Next important issue these days is the price. In realty, satisfaction is remote as the seller feels that he would have got better price if he had waited and the buyer feels he has paid more than what it should have been. There is no specific pricing for a project. The Govt suggested land price is seen only in a stamp paper and not in reality. Here again we will be able to help you with a realistic price.

With those 2 important issues we don’t stop. There are other umpteen matters that have to be looked into. Quality of materials used, timely delivery, home loan syndication, interest rate and such. For all such matters now Salamdubai will be a one stop solution. We have seen people with money. We also have seen people without money. That’s a rare quality.